Institutional Membership by Program

Institutional Membership by Program Membership is available to all TRIO programs in the SAEOPP region. In order to be accepted as a Program Member, each project must have paid an annual membership fee in an amount established by the SAEOPP Board. This membership does not have voice or vote but is entitled to participation in specified workshops as designated by the Board. Each Program member is entitled to register no more than three representatives to attend or participate at a reduced or no cost rate Pre-Conference Training approved by the SAEOPP Board.

Benefits of becoming an Institutional Member by Program

3 Free Admissions to SAEOPP Conference Pre-Cons  (prior to the SAEOPP Conference)

There are two tiers of Institutional Membership by Project:

 Membership Type
 Tier 1 – Includes SAEOPP Conference Pre-Cons 
Admission for a Maximum of 3 Staff Members
 Tier 2 – Includes SAEOPP Conference Pre-Cons for a Maximum of 3 Staff Members 
AND 1 Full Page Ad in the Conference Booklet

*To be eligible for any member rates for the annual conference or paid SAEOPP trainings you must individually be an active professional member of SAEOPP.  Institutional Membership by Program will NOT give a discount to individuals for the conference rate.